Tutorials: Auto Insurance

 Posted by on March 6, 2012
Mar 062012

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Its time for another easy as 1, 2, 3 Tutorial, I’m your host, Chris. So today I was thinking we could jump into a little bit of auto insurance savings. Just like when we were looking at credit card information, this process is another 3-step process and we’ll be on our way to savings! You may already have a car insurance rate, but just like all of these AllState, Geico, Progressive commercials suggest, you might be paying too much (or are those commercials for lawyers?).


So the first step is to enter in all of the information that Mint asks for. First, it asks for your zip code, credit score (need help finding it? Check out Credit Karma (link)) and how much you pay a month. I assumed an average of $900 a year since that’s what Google told me. Next, you’ll need to choose all the drivers you’ll want to include (I’m just going to assume me) and their age (22), gender (male), marital status (single, kind of). Finally, add your car(s). “Little Red Riding Hood” as my car is affectionately known, is a 1997 Mercury Tracer. Click the Add Driver and Add Car buttons and…


Cue the Savings!


Mint will calculate the savings you can get based on the information you provided. For me, a nice $191 savings every year wouldn’t be so terrible. But there is one more step. If you click on “Get an Exact Quote and compare providers” Mint will navigate you to who they have an auto insurance partnership with…


See? Insweb will walk you through the process of getting exact quotes from all of the major auto insurance providers. They work directly with companies like Liberty Mutual, Allstate, Farmer’s and MetLife Auto & Home to provide you will all of your insurance needs. Mint is great in getting you started and then pointing you in the right direction to get more comprehensive quotes! Easy one this morning, the best way to start a Tuesday morning! We’ll be back next week!